We are a Manitoba Trucking Association member company

We are SmartWay certified

We provide EDI connectivity

We have one of the highest Carrier Safety ratings in Canada

We have hauled freight for world class companies like UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada Post and many others

Our biggest strengths are new equipment, experienced drivers, and full compliance with DOT rules and regulations

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

We fully support the United States Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs Border Protection’s CTPAT program which plays an important role in the war against terrorism and ensures a more secure supply chain.

The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a voluntary joint government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security.

Sachtek Global Logistics Inc. follows and maintains procedures and practices consistent with the CTPAT Highway Carriers Criteria. We are committed to the importance of protecting the supply chain from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, human smuggling, and illegal contraband.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. All Sachtek Global Logistics employees, contractors, service providers, visitors and others must comply with the CTPAT Highway Carriers Criteria as well as any policies, procedures and instructions issued by Sachtek Global Logistics Inc.